Collett Mechanical, Inc. provides the installation of mechanical systems including design/build capabilities. Installation of heating and air conditioning systems includes but is not limited to major equipment components such as boilers, heat exchangers, chillers, cooling towers, pumps and the associated steam, condensate, heating hot water, chilled water, condenser water and refrigeration piping, ventilation systems including air handling equipment, ductwork, sound attenuation and exhaust fan equipment. Plumbing Systems include but are not limited to domestic hot and cold potable water, waste & vent piping, storm water piping, acid waste piping for laboratory applications and medical gas systems.

Prefabrication is an integral component of our operations and provides us with a competitive advantage. Our CAD department utilizes current software to coordinate and generate sketches to support our prefabrication operations. Our prefabrication abilities have been enhanced with a much larger area and an overhead crane system. Several loading docks at truck level maintain a safe and smooth flow of materials and equipment. Fabricating systems in a controlled environment improves quality control.